Policies for Spanish Courses in DLLL

Tests and Assignments:
Regardless of circumstances, the dates for assignments and tests will not be changed. Students are expected to have mastered ALL the material from the beginning of the course and later tests will include material from the early stages.

Late Assignments & Make-up Tests:
All assignments for courses in the Spanish Program are required to be handed in on the due date and all tests must be written on the date stipulated in the Course Syllabus.
Late assignments will be only accepted for grading without penalty and make-up tests will only be administered due to medical reasons or under exceptional circumstances. In order for a Course Director to consider an extension without penalty, the following procedure must be followed and the relevant documentation provided:

1. Students should first contact the Course Director in writing BEFORE the date of the assignment or test (i.e. by email 48 hours before), and indicate the reason for missing the evaluation. If this is not possible, students should contact the Course Director as SOON as possible.
2. Should the request for an extension be due to medical reasons, students must download and have filled out an Attending Physician’s Statement, in which the dates of the illness and the reasons it prevented them from completing the assignment or test on the date established are clearly outlined.
3. Students must download, fill out, and print the Extension Request Form from the Spanish program website and bring it to the Course Director (together with the Attending Physician’s Statement if applicable).
4. The Course Director will then decide whether to grant an extension without penalty or to hold a make-up test based on the evidence provided; if an extension is granted, the Course Director will notify students of the new due date for the assignment or the date of the make-up test.
5. Three copies of the above documents will be made: one for the student, another for the Course Director, and the third copy will be kept on record.

Late Penalty on Assignments:
In the event that a student does not hand in an assignment on time or does not receive an extension for medical reasons/exceptional circumstances, there will be a five percent (5%) deduction of the assignment’s value per calendar day to a maximum of ten calendar days. After this ten calendar-day period, the Course Director will not grade the assignment.

An assignment is due on a Friday but not handed in until the following Monday. The assignment is counted as 3 days late. Fifteen percent (15%) of the value of the assignment is deducted from the grade (3 days late x 5%) because of the Late Penalty.
-An assignment graded as 80%, would be worth 65% because of the late penalty.
The successful study of Spanish requires consistent and active participation. Mere physical presence does not constitute class participation. Adequate participation includes being prepared for class; completing all homework assignments (written or otherwise) BEFORE class begins; arriving on time; paying attention in class; volunteering to answer questions; asking pertinent questions; demonstrating respect for all members of the class; interacting productively with other students and the professor to create a classroom environment conducive to learning; and consistently striving to meet course objectives. Students who have been away from classes are responsible for the course material covered during their absence as well as for being familiar with the material being studied upon their return to classes. It is each student's responsibility to obtain this information from other students before returning to classes.

Plagiarism and Academic Honesty:
Each student is required to become familiar with the University Senate’s policy on Academic Honesty. Offenses against the standards of Academic Honesty include making false claims or statements and submitting false information. Should you have provided incorrect information concerning your eligibility for entry into Spanish courses you may be subject to formal charges and removed from this course and the University. For further information, please review the DLLL enrolment eligibility information and consult the following York University’s sites concerning Academic Integrity:

Academic Integrity FOR STUDENTS: http://www.yorku.ca/academicintegrity/students/index.htm
Academic Integrity Tutorial: http://www.yorku.ca/tutorial/academic_integrity/
Additional information for students can be found on DLLL webpage: http://dlll.laps.yorku.ca/students/
Computer Work:
Students must ensure that they are fully enrolled in the University, and they have their own York University computer account. For information about activating your account, consult the University website at the section entitled: “All About Passport York: Information for Students”: http://www.yorku.ca/yorkweb/currentstudents/ppystudents.html. Student accounts must be activated before using the computers in the Multimedia Language Centre. All written work (such as essays, compositions, translations or any other kind of work to be done outside of class) MUST be done on a computer unless otherwise specified. The only acceptable handwritten work will be assignments in an exercise book, and such in-class work as quizzes, exams and translations. If a student does not own a computer, students are advised that this equipment is readily available at York University in specially designated areas (Multimedia Language Centre -MLC, and other computer labs/library).
Laptops, Tablets, Phones, and Audio/Visual Recording:
Laptops and tablets may be used in class for the purpose of note taking and classwork but may not be used for anything unrelated to the course. Furthermore, they are not to be used during oral exercises or during other students’ presentations except for the previously stated purposes. Smart Phones may ONLY be used in class for instructor-stipulated, course-related activities. Absolutely no texting is allowed in class. Unauthorized audio or video recording in classrooms is prohibited.
Departmental & York University Senate Policies and Grading Scheme:
Please refer to the information outlined in the DLLL Undergraduate Supplemental Calendar at http://dlll.laps.yorku.ca/students/department-policies/. Important information for students regarding the Ethics Review process, Access/Disability, Academic Honesty/Integrity, Student Conduct, and Religious Observance is available on the Secretariat’s webpage http://secretariat-policies.info.yorku.ca/