Study Abroad

Summer 2016

YorkU summer abroad: AP/SP 2020 6.0 Intermediate Spanish in Ávila, Spain!

Summer Abroad Avila Spain

In the Summer session of 2016, eighteen Students traveled to Spain with Professor Maria Figueredo to study Spanish in one of the most exciting and diverse countries in the world. In collaboration with UCAV, these students earned 6-credits in Spanish language and culture while immersing themselves in Spanish-speaking culture, participating in a Tandem de Idiomas program that linked them with university students and faculty in Ávila, and gaining unforgettable experiences through visits to such historically rich sites as Salamanca, Toledo and Segovia.

Other International Exchange and Study Abroad Opportunities

York University has various formal exchange programs with a number of universities in Spain and Latin America, such as with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, University of Barcelona, the Universidad de la República en Uruguay, and Tecnólogico de Monterrey in Mexico. (See more links below.)

Students in all fields in the Faculties of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Pure and Applied Science, Glendon College, Environmental Studies, and Law, and most fields in the School of Arts, Media Performance & Design, who are in at least their second year of study are eligible to apply. Residence is arranged by the host university at cost, and courses passed in the host country count towards the York degree. There are no tuition fees in the host institution.

Some scholarships may be available for students with strong academic records and at least intermediate level Spanish.

Further information is available from York International, 200 York Lanes, 416-736-5177; e-mail:


All students are encouraged to add this global experiential dimension to their academic development; for more details on how to get started, visit York International.