Entre Voczes

Entre Voczes is a student-run trilingual literary magazine that publishes original works of poetry, prose, and visual art inspired by the Hispanophone and Lusophone worlds.

Entre Voczes es una revista literaria diseñada para que estudiantes de español y portugués puedan publicar su poesía, prosa y arte visual inspiradas por los mundos hispanos y lusófonos.

Back copies of the print versions of the seven editions published since 2008 are available. If interested, please email Prof. María Figueredo, Coordinator, Spanish and Portuguese Studies Section, at: mfiguere@yorku.ca.

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Current Edition

Past Editions


1a Edição Março 2008


2a Edição Outubro 2009


3a Edição Março 2010


4a Edição Março 2011


5a Edición Março 2012


6a Edición Março 2013

Editorial Panel

Editorial Panel

Executive Panel

Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Marino
Director of Administration: Katerina Tetzloff
Director of Marketing: Vanessa Melo
Director of Communications: Jessica Kisch
Media Relations Representative: Carlos Franco
Treasurer: Katerina Tetzloff
Head Editor, Spanish: Galiatzo Flores Montoya
Head Editor, Portuguese: Galiatzo Flores Montoya
Lead Graphic Designer: Leslie Usín Rojas
Events Coordinator: Sarah Lopes

General Panel

Design Assistant: Katie Tetzloff
Editors: Sarah Lopes, Mariana Martínez
Translators: Carlos Franco, Sarah Lopes
Glendon Representatives: Mariana Martínez
Alumni Liaison: Joe Correia

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Martha Batiz

Tutoring & Conversation Hours

New Fall and Winter tutoring hours!

Thursday 2:30pm-4:30pm
Friday 2:30-3:30pm

Location: DLLL Lounge, Ross South 5th floor

Cancellation Policy:

If you have scheduled a session and need to cancel it, 24-hour notice must be given. Failure to do so the first time will result in a warning. If notice is not given a second time, we will not be able to schedule any future tutoring sessions.



Sarah Lopes, a student in the Spanish and Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies programs, won the LA&PS Outstanding Student Leadership Award. This award honours student leaders in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies for their exceptional contributions to an undergraduate student association in the Faculty. It recognizes outstanding achievement in enhancing the quality of the undergraduate student experience through leadership, commitment and innovation. Congratulations Sarah!