Welcome to the Spanish Program!

The Spanish Program introduces you to the language, literature and linguistics of Spain and Spanish America.

Discover the fascinating social and cultural context of the Spanish speaking world. Our courses explore a range of topics from the development of the Spanish language to an examination of Renaissance and Baroque literature when Spain's prolific playwrights rivaled Shakespeare; from the literature of the Spanish Civil War to the vast, innovative work of Latin America's writers.

The Spanish Program enables students to:

  • Explore the rich cultural heritage of Spain and Spanish America, and develop a command of Spanish through intensive practice in listening, reading, writing and speaking;
  • Publish in the student Acentos, the new online newsletter and magazine;
  • Connect with community and university-wide activities, lecture series, theatre and music/literary events (Click here for upcoming events);
  • Gain valuable research and cross-cultural skills, and build your international networks by participating in faculty-led research projects