Exciting Spanish Program courses this year

Full-time Faculty in the Spanish program will offer an exciting array of
literature courses in 2017-18:

Professor María Figueredo will lead AP/SP 4880 3.0 Nos/otras:
Contemporary Poetic Expressions of Spanish American Women
Fall:  Thursdays 2:30

Professor Emiro Martínez-Osorio will lead AP/SP 4580 3.0
Spanish-American Modernismo
Winter:  Wednesdays 11:30
and AP/SP 3220 3.0 Hispanic Caribbean Literature: The City, The Nation, and
the Sea
Winter:  Fridays 11:30

Professor Shanna Lino will lead AP/SP 4670 3.0 The Spanish Post-Civil War Novel: Money, Desire and History
Fall:  Thursdays 11:30

We look forward to exploring these topics with you!

Why not speak Spanish in 2017-18? Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish are waiting for you!