Go global with YorkU summer abroad: AP/SP 2020 6.0 Intermediate Spanish York International Abroad

Take Intermediate Spanish in Ávila, Spain!

Unlike learning in a regular classroom, this abroad course was able to teach me so much about the Spanish language in ways that I was able to retain the material being taught through the use of Spanish in daily interactions." – Hanna Kim (Summer 2015)

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DESCRIPTION: This course is an extensive review of the fundamentals of Spanish grammar and emphasizes the four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing through compositions, written exercises, oral presentations and conversations. The objective of this course is to broaden communicative language skills through written and oral exercises. Grammar is reviewed and multimedia resources are used to expand vocabulary, reinforce grammatical points, and improve oral skills. This is an interactive course that provides ample opportunity to explore and deepen previous knowledge of Spanish through written work, oral interactions in pair and group work with other students in the class, and with various types of multimedia resources. Since the second half of the course will be led by York faculty in a Spanish-speaking environment, students will benefit not only from the in-class activities, but also from immersion in Spanish-speaking culture.

PREREQUISITES: AP/SP 1000 6.0 or equivalent or permission of instructor


York University: May 2-27, 2016
Ávila, Spain: June 2—July 1, 2016


COURSE DIRECTOR: Professor Maria Figueredo (email: mfiguere@yorku.ca)

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SP 2020 - Flyer for Summer 2016 (PDF)